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10 years of DeviantArt

Journal Entry: Fri Sep 5, 2014, 1:37 PM

Wow, so I missed it this summer but June 28 was my 10 year anniversary on DeviantArt.  Can I just say how crazy that is?  I hadn't even realized it had been 10 years for that matter.  Looking back at some of the work I have uploaded over the years, it's been a crazy journey.  The quality of my work has greatly improved over the time which makes me smile.  Always good to know I'm not simply spinning my wheels all these years.

I realize now that I created my DeviantArt account between my Freshmen and Sophomore year of College.  I have no clue why or how I came across this site then, but I know how important it became to me around 2007 when I graduated college and started re-uploading my work to it.  I feel bad how little I use it these days just due to life.  (Yeah, life sucks.  Keeps you far too busy to enjoy the little things).  But there's a lot of work I've done that might find it's way on here in the near future so keep an eye out for it!

Thank you to everyone whose followed me over the years and enjoys the work I produce.  It means a lot when I see that Fav message in my inbox.  :)

Design Services For You and Your Projects

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 2, 2014, 9:23 AM

Are you in need of a poster or design for an upcoming project or film?  Like my work and want a piece of art commissioned specifically for you?  Well I do that now!

I'm the co-founder of GHOST-HAT DESIGNS (, a digital media company specializing in Movie Posters, CD/DVD/Blu-Ray Covers, Book Covers, and Motion Graphics.  We love independent filmmakers (we're ones ourselves), and we know sometimes you can't do all of the work yourselves!  That's why we're here.  By visiting our site, you can check out some of the work we've done for other clients over the years.

Contact me either on here through private message or on the website today!


Doctor's Seven and Eight Coming Soon!

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 1, 2014, 11:15 PM

People keep asking me why I didn't make the posters for the Seventh and Eighth Doctors.  Truth is, I haven't had the time to get around to completing them, HOWEVER they are coming soon.  So no worries, you didn't miss them!

Keep an eye out for the complete set coming soon!  I promise.

In the mean time if you want to purchase prints, check out the links below!

Online Store Now Open

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 16, 2013, 2:47 PM

Hey everyone!  Quick update: apparently since my new, simple art posters are becoming popular I've started a small store that you can buy them online!  I've already had a few orders for some of the posters and more will be added soon (including my infamous JAWS poster and some of my photographs as well!)

Go here:

And buy today!

So one of the reasons I haven't been doing a lot of work on here as of lately is because most of my free time has been spent working on three podcasts.  The main one is "TOP SHELF: AFI TOP 100", where we watch all 100 films on AFI's TOP 100 films of all time and discuss whether or not we feel they were good or not.  Many of the films on the list are ones we've never seen (being movie buffs ourselves) so it's been an interesting project so far!

If you'd like to take a listen to the show, please feel free to visit the website at the following link:…

We're also on iTunes and have a pretty decent following, so if you like what you hear subscribe and rate us online!  Also follow us on Facebook to keep up to date with everything!
Hey everyone!  Did you see my JAWS and NIGHT OF THE KRAMPUS breakdown videos on youtube?  

(No?  Oh, well you should.  Click the links following the titles back there and check them out!  They're pretty damn awesome and give you an insight into the creation of movie posters!)

Anyway, I've started a new series actually showing a step-by-step process of creating one of my own posters.  This time, it's for my custom KING KONG poster.  I lost the original Photoshop file years ago and decided what better poster to recreate than my own!  (And maybe make it a little better in the process.)

The series will be broken down into parts, with the first two already online!  Check out the series below and follow along!  Be sure to tell your friends, subscribe, like, and all that social media stuff.  Also if you want to see other professional posters broken down and possibly recreated, leave a comment on here or the videos on YouTube and let me know!


KING KONG - Poster Recreation Series:

Part 1: The basics
Part 2: Adding The New York Skyline/Clouds
Part 3: Adding King Kong/The Girl/The Planes [SOON]
Part 4: The color grading and textures [SOON]
Part 5: Titles/Credits [SOON]
I did it again with another poster breakdown, this time for my "NIGHT OF THE KRAMPUS" poster created for the fine folks at FIGHTING OWL FILMS (

Click the link below and check it out.  Don't forget to LIKE/COMMENT/SUBSCRIBE so I know to keep making these.  I'm planning on recreating my KING KONG poster from scratch and document the whole thing so you can really see what goes into each poster!


So I'm getting more and more people recently who are finding me because of my JAWS movie poster I made awhile ago.  Because of the love I've received for the poster, I thought I'd in turn give something back to my fellow designers and make a video breakdown of the poster, showing what went into making the final design.

The video is about 30 minutes long and shows the different elements that went in to creating it, along with some of the tricks and mistakes(!) I found while revisiting it.

To watch the video, click on the following link:…

If you like the video, please click LIKE because if I get enough favs on this, I'll do breakdowns of some of my other, more complicated posters AND maybe I'll consider doing tutorials on how to make your own.

So check out the video, click LIKE if you enjoy it and have fun!
I have just recently released the first novella in my series of stories on Amazon and it's available for purchase at the following link:

What's this all about you ask yourself?  10 years ago I started creating a series of short films that accumulated in the creation of a ficticious town called New Prairie, WI.  I started writing stories that took place in the town, whose events overlapped, connected to and created events that affected the outcome of others.  Think LOST's flashbacks but I was doing it 2 years before hand.

This is the first entry in a long line of stories, whose genre range from comedy, to horror, to murder mysteries to my own superhero who lives in the town defending the city of it's villians.

This particular one is a comedy called DEPOSIT, about an office worker who goes to the bank on his lunch break only to be caught up in a hostage situation.  While there he attempts to defuse the situation while it continues to esculate into a life and death situation...all while he's still punched out for lunch.  It's witty, quick to read and a good entry into the New Prairie Universe.

If you like it, please tell your friends and pass it on to them!  More will be coming (and the rest are a hell of a lot longer) so stay tuned!
So, normally I leave this up for myself to do, however recently I've become too busy with projects of mine, plus I'm running on bit of a dry spell.

My production company (short/full length films, podcasts, comics/graphic novels, etc) will soon be launching a new website.  The company has been around for the last 10 years now and needs a new logo.  I have an existing logo that I created a few years ago, however I don't believe it lends itself real well in branding for the company now that we do more than just films.

The existing logo can be seen at the following link:…

As you can tell from the above logo, the company is called GHOSTHAT PRODUCTIONS (sometime's spelled GHOST-HAT PRODUCTIONS).

I don't really have any preconceived ideas for the logo, so anything presented to me will be seriously considered.

While, at the moment I can't afford to pay you for the graphic, it will in fact be used as the main logo for the company, appear on the official website, Facebook page, the podcast artwork, and turned into an animated graphic that will be placed before the opening of any future films created (including the one in production now!)

But who knows?  Perhaps you will make some amazing piece of work that I have to throw money at you (it won't be a ton, but you know, anything's better than nothing, right?!)

If you're interested in helping out with this and throwing your two cents into the mix, you can send your designs to me at with the subject "THIS IS THE LOGO YOU BEGGED US FOR!" and your name.  Obviously tell me anything else you want to about the logo if you so wish.

But here's the catch, I'm looking to go live with the new site by the end of APRIL (we start filming the new movie in May and would really like to have the site up-and-going with it's new logo to post progress updates for the movie).  So you kind of have a deadline.

I look forward to seeing what you guys come up with!  Thanks again!
I've started a new podcast series called THE GREENROOMERS, where we talk to entertainment professionals about their world's and projects.  (Have you heard THE NERDIST podcast?  That's what this is, just a little less refined and professional.) In this first episode, we talk to the head of FUNKIN' WASSELS (an improv group out of Burlington, WI) about how the troupe started, his involvement, and it's future.  It clocks in at about an hour so make sure you have enough time to listen to the three of us have fun.

Click here to take a listen and share it with your friends!…

If you or someone you know is an entertainer (filmmaker, actor [both movies or theater], jugglers, magicians, musicians, etc) and would like to promote your project you can send an email to!
You have 20 minutes?  Want to listen to something amazing and awesome and...amazing?  Recently I completed the first of many future episodes of a pod cast done in the style of old time radio serials and would like you to take a listen! It doesn't cost anything to do so and the only thing I ask in return is if you like it, feel free to pass it along to your friends.  We like to entertain and would love to do so to as many people as possible!  We've already started work on the next episode, which is better and funnier than the first so keep an eye out for it!

A little backstory on what you'll be listening to:

"Opul Soap sponsored a detective mystery show back in the 1940's called The Midnight Sleuth.  Having recently found the episodes in their vaults, they are digitally remastering and restoring every episode to the best possible sound quality.  The Midnight Sleuth is a crime detective who solves mysteries with his faithful sidekick Linda Talbot.  With crimes ranging from murders to deaths, to robberies to the paranormal, there's nothing The Midnight Sleuth wont and can't tackle.  Only the Sleuth can find the truth!"

There are two versions of the episode available for your listening pleasure:

The Brand New Remastered/Restored version can be found here:…

The Original Broadcast Track from the vault can be found here:…

Again feel free to pass the show along if you like it and leave comments below!
I haven't had enough time to sit down and actually write one of these since just after I finished my last one back in October.  That post was just days before I went away for a week to the Dominican Republic for a wedding shoot of my friend's wedding.  It was amazing.  Beautiful weather, amazing beaches, awesome....sights...on the beaches.  You can't complain, especially since the whole trip (which included food and drinks) was paid for by my friend so it only cost me a week away from work.  Who would complain about that?

Right after I got back, I started doing motion tracking for a music video a few people I know made out in California.  The video was just recently completed and aired on the 7.  A link to the video cane be found here:… worked on motion tracking the hanging tvs in the background for a handful of shots.  The project was suppose to be only 1 or 2 shots, but I was completing them a hell of a lot faster (and apparently better) than the others were so I got to do a few more of the difficult shots.  There's one where they run in with a red sheet and cover up the screens as the camera moves towards it.  If you know motion tracking you know that that shot was an incredible pain in the ass to do....and I might of cried a little while doing it at some point.


Stop looking at me like that!  Jeez!

Besides that, I also did a logo for an independent film that's being shopped around for financial backing.  The logo is for a company within the movie that drives the film.  Hopefully after the first of the year, they'll be able to get production going and I'll be able to do a poster for them as well.

And in the middle of all that maintaining and designing a few websites, working on the new Podcast/Old Time Radio show and working on a script for a reboot to 3 films I made almost 10 years ago, you pretty much have all my free time filled up plus some.

Oh and it's Christmas in 2 weeks.  Friggen sweet.

If I don't say it before then, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Festive Freelancing my friends!
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So, I took the month of September "off" from doing any projects.  That sort of worked however I did find myself playing around with a few projects and lining up a handful of work to do after I return.  I am going to the Dominican Republic for a week, to be photographer at a good friend's wedding.  This is the first time I've ever left the country and am greatly looking forward to a week away from everything.  It's the first REAL vacation I've taken due to the fact that I will not be taking my phone and there's a very good chance one day will be spent simply sitting on the beach, with a drink in one hand and watching the water.

That's my idea of a vacation.

I am however taking my laptop so I can work on some of the stories and scripts I've been saying I need to work on and, since I'm the photographer for a wedding, I will definitely have my camera on me taking more photos than I'll know what to do with.  I plan on having a lot to thumb through and post on here once I return so keep an eye out over the next few months for those!

And while I'm looking forward to this much needed vacation away from everything, I'm also looking forward to the handful of projects coming after I get back.  I have another movie poster for an independent film company to do, some visual effects work on a music video for an up-and-coming band out in California, some more photography jobs and continuing work on both podcasts I'm in the middle of creating.  It's going to be an amazing end to an amazing year.

I just hope it slows down a bit.
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So after this month is over with, I decided to take a break from everything.  I've been working on a ton of different projects this year, ranging from photography to posters to podcasts to short films, and I'm kind of burnt out.  The work I've been doing recently has been subpar for my tastes so I figured with my birthday coming up in the beginning of September (and with a trip out to Vegas for said birthday, woot!), I would take a break for the month of September.  I'm not sure what it'll be like not having 100 different projects that I'm working on at the same time but I think I need it just to reset myself.
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I just realized I'm closing in on 10,000 page views.  Which, can I say, is AWESOME?  The only sad thing is that I wont know who the 10,000th viewer is since I'm not on here every sing moment of every single day.  Well at least not this weekend anyway.  Can't pass up Chicago's Comic Con, right?  Well if you believe you are the 10,000th visitor let me know and maybe I'll make something special for you.  Leave a message on here.
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So recently I've become hooked on one of Kevin Smith's weekly podcasts called "Hollywood Babble-on" (found here:  During one of the episodes they started talking about a short found online where someone took CGi versions of Yogi Bear and BooBoo and used them to parody the end of "The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford".  While talking about that short, they joked about how long the title was for the original film and proceeded to ramble out an extremely long version of the title.  Immediately after they finished the idea to make an animated version of the poster popped into my head and thus, I did.  The still poster can be found on my account on here (see here:…) however for the animated video, synced with their dialogue, you will have to venture out to Vimeo and view (which can be seen here:

A recent update on this story is that I've sent the video to Kevin Smith and his podcast partner Ralph Garman, and they responded back saying they love it and are planning on showing it during an upcoming podcast of theirs.  It's hard to convey complete and under excitement through text but rest assure I'm very hyper about this right now!

Ill post a link to their website and the podcast episode once it goes up!
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Not a real long post but just wanted to send out a link to my site.  I've recently overhauled it (for like the 12th time in the last 4 years) and am still tweaking it in a few spots.

Visit the site here:

On a side note, I will soon start taking freelance jobs / commission pieces for anyone interested in having something done.  Bills are starting to pile up a bit and I need to have some dental work done (sucks not having insurance) and any extra money would be great right about now.  I'll keep you all posted!  Thanks guys!
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Hey everyone, just wanted to send out a quick update letting everyone know that I have been chosen for SCREENERS ARTIST SPOTLIGHT for June!

You can read the article (with some examples of my work) here:…

While you're there be sure to check out some of the other amazing pieces of work from other artists.  SCREENERS is an amazing place with amazing people and creativity flowing out of everything.  Check it out, you wont be disappointed.

Many thanks go out to the members of the group who chose me!  I was trying to have another poster done in time for this, but I wasn't 100% happy with it yet and I dont want to submit something that's not my usual good quality.


Want to participate in what can only be described as one of the best ways to be creative and use your mad photoshopping skills all while pertaining to movies?  Watch for this year's EPIC MOVIE POSTER CONTEST… and join in the fun!
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I've been slacking, I know that.  I've been keeping myself busy with a multitude of other things, most of which I believe I've covered in previous entries, so no need to reiterate them here and now.  Right now I'm trying to figure out any ideas for new posters to do.  If anyone has any ideas for anything they'd like to see, can be a movie from any era or (depending upon what it is) a tv show that would lend itself to having a kick ass poster done of it, leave a comment.

I'm looking for any suggestions!

Take care,
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